Spring Assortment Stud Earrings

Spring Assortment Stud Earrings

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In our Flagship Store in Palm Beach Gardens we have what we affectionately refer to as "The Earring Bowl." The bowl is an assortment of studs priced at $14 a pair. Initially this bowl consisted of odds and ends but after we saw how much our customers LOVE sorting through the bowl digging for a treasure it has become a feature. On average 1 in every 3 customers purchases from the earring bowl - it's very popular for gifting! 

Earring Assortment 1: 30 pairs for $110 - a $310 profit
Earring Assortment 2: 60 pairs of studs $200 - a $640 profit
Earring Assortment 3: 120 pairs of studs $350 - a $1,330 profit

All styles are assorted in order to appeal to a wide range of customers. Expect at least 30 styles (but in most cases more). Bowl is not included.

Suggested Retail: $9.99-12.99

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