Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer all of the items on your Retail site in Wholesale?
A. The items available in wholesale are a curated selection of Signature tees, jewelry and accessories listed on the wholesale website and in our wholesale Facebook group. We do not offer all of the items/brands (i.e., Simply Southern, Snoozies, etc) from our retail site in wholesale.

Q. How do I join the wholesale Facebook group?
A. Our wholesale group is ‘Secret’ on Facebook and accessible by invitation only. When your account is approved, an invitation to the Facebook group is automatically sent to the email address on file. If you sign into your Facebook account with a different email address than what we have on file, please let us know so we can send the invite there instead!

Q. Where can I find Wholesale pricing?
A. Wholesale pricing is available to approved accounts at PrepObsessedWholesale.com and in the wholesale Facebook group. You must login to access the prices on the wholesale site, and you must have accepted the email invitation to access prices in the wholesale Facebook group.

Q. What is your MSRP Policy?
A. MSRP is listed in each item listing; we ask that MSRP is always honored. (hint: you are welcome to charge more - many people have success charging up to 6x wholesale on our products!). Accounts charging less than MSRP will be terminated without warning. (this is the warning!)

Q. Is there a minimum order requirement?
A. Orders placed through the wholesale site must be $200 to checkout. There is no piece minimum when ordering through PrepObsessedWholesale.com.

Orders placed through the wholesale Facebook group under $100 will be required to purchase 4/style of jewelry and/or 6/style on apparel unless otherwise stated. Facebook group orders over $100 do not have to meet minimum piece requirements.

Q. Do you territory protect?
A. As of July 2017 we no longer offer blanket territory protection. However, we are able to work with your boutique regarding partial protection or specific territory concerns. We want to help your business succeed and manage any possible market saturation - please reach out to us as soon as possible if you have any specific territory concerns!

Q. Can we use your pictures?
A. Promotional use of our photos and graphics is only permitted for items offered and purchased at wholesale. We do not allow retailers to use our photos or graphics for presale, or for items not offered for wholesale. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate account termination -- please e-mail us at wholesale@prepobsessed.com if you have any questions regarding photo permission.

Did we miss anything? Have follow up questions? Want to know about something a bit more specific? We’re just a click or a phone call away - you can always email us at wholesale@prepobsessed.com or call the office at 561-249-6149 and ask for the Wholesale Department. We’re here to help!